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There are several ways you can get involved with EOTM:

  1. Get involved with one of our projects and give your students an experiential education that examines contemporary development through academic work as a capstone, open innovation or field research. Our projects offer abundant opportunities for team-oriented experiential learning, building engineering prototypes, case studies, and industrial partnerships.

  2. Partner with EOTM on creating learning-by-touring classes that leverage the talents, innovation and energy of your local business community and offer students an economic education beyond the classroom, textbooks, exams. We strongly welcome partnerships with universities, high schools and community organizations on projects that make economic education accessible to all.

  3. Become a Fellow. EOTM largely depends upon the talents, energies and ideas of our Fellows. We welcome Fellowship applications from people with exceptional qualifications, particularly those with a strong sense dedication and maturity and commitment.


Please contact Dr. Daniel Barkley for further information.

Contact Information

Economics On The Move/ EOTM

P.O. 21175

Washington, DC 20009 USA


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