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NURUDDEEN NYAKO As Director of the EOTM Support Foundation Nuruddeen has supervised and spearheaded numerous EOTM development projects in Nigeria.

The Panteka Industrial District

in Yola, Nigeria is a large industrial cluster comprised of hundreds of individual craftsmen, artisans, welders, and blacksmiths who use discarded metal, rubber, and wood to produce a vast array of products ranging from deep freezers to spare automobile parts.

Nuruddeen has organized several projects aimed at increasing the productivity and safety of Panteka enterprises. Nuruddeen led numerous field trips to Panteka. Students gained hands-on, real-world experience through EOTM projects such as SIC code classification of Panteka firms. 

Nuruddeen’s research culminated in a TV-broadcasted documentary entitled “The Panteka Industrial District” broadcast on Nigerian television. The United Nations, published a co-authored article on Panteka in their online magazine, Making It.

While Panteka is a model of sustainable development its small market size, quality and productivity prevent it from evolving into larger, complex industrial organizations. Panteka offers abundant opportunities for college Open Innovation projects, capstones and industrial partnerships. 

Since 2020, Nuruddeen has been in collaboration with The Prof. Iya Abubakar Community Resource Centre (CRC) in Nigeria’s Bauchi State to promote distance learning, technology transfer and skill development training.  His efforts have focus on upgrading and restructuring CRC’s operations in order to make its business operation sustainable and its information technology services more affordable and accessible.

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