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Finally, a Different Approach to Learning Economics

We take students on behind-the-scenes company tours to show them economics-in-action.


EOTM tours not only give students examples of textbook concepts and theories put into practice, our tours introduce students to cutting-edge innovation, economic development, best business practices and exciting career opportunities.


EOTM gives students a transformative education that inspires learning and creativity 

We students to cutting-edge innovation, best business practices and exciting career opportunities.

Our experiential learning format engages students’ imagination

We provide students with enriching on-site tours that complement economics courses.


We offer students a high-quality, interactive economic education beyond the traditional classroom, textbooks, and exams 

Mentoring for Graduate Studies

EOTM Fellowships support students in publishing their research, attending conferences, and pursuing post-graduate education. Our Fellows have gained admission to graduate programs at Binghamton University, the London School of Economics, Columbia University and other top universities.

Get in Touch

If you’re interested EOTM Fellows, or starting an EOTM course at your college or abroad. Please contact us at:



Daniel Barkley, Executive Director

Economics On The Move (EOTM)

P.O. Box 2117

Washington, DC 20009 USA.

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